What is the OYO Personal Gym?

The OYO Personal Gym is a lightweight and portable total body gym that provides resistance on both sides of muscle groups during each DoubleFlex movement.

The OYO Personal Gym uses patented SpiraFlex technology that provides the same benefits of lifting weights without the weight or momentum. SpiraFlex was originally developed for NASA as the Resistance Exercise Device on the International Space Station. SpiraFlex also powers the Bowflex® Revolution® home gym.

What makes the OYO Personal Gym different than free-weights or resistance bands?
Resistance bands provide progressive resistance (like a rubber band) in only one direction. Free-weights are heavy, cumbersome and create momentum that can stress and injure joints. 

The OYO Personal Gym replaces free-weights and bands with a lightweight total body portable gym, that provides resistance to both sides of muscle groups with each movement, and feels like free-weights or a cable machine at the health club. You can get a workout in anytime, anywhere — at home, in the office or on the go.

How soon will I see results?
At the beginning of any fitness program your muscles may feel sore for the first few days. This is normal and as the weeks progress you will start to see the sculpting effects of building lean muscle while burning calories. Lean muscle also burns calories even when you are resting. If you wish to lose more weight, following Nick’s nutrition programs will help you reach your goal.
How do I recognize my transaction on my credit card/bank statement?
The transaction on your credit card statement will read OYO Fitness.
How long will it take my order to ship?
Orders on oyogym.com usually ship within 2 business days of payment confirmation. Delivery time can take 1 - 2 weeks from date of shipment depending on address.
How do I check my order status?
If you placed your order on this website and want to check your order status or track your order, please click here: https://www.trackmyorderstatus.com/oyof/

If the order tracker requests the Customer Service Number, please use: 877-363-3708

Your credit card statement will read OYO Fitness.

What is OYO Fitness' return policy?
If a customer is not 100% satisfied with their product, the product can be returned for a refund of the full price you paid including shipping and handling for a period of 30 days. The guarantee period starts from the date of delivery. 

Returns must be marked with a valid return authorization number (see FAQ “How do I return a shipment?” below) and postmarked within the specified guarantee period to be eligible for refund. 

Return postage fees are the sole responsibility of the sender. OYO Fitness strongly recommends retaining proof of return on the small chance a package does not reach the warehouse as expected. If a package is lost in transit, a refund will only be authorized if the return shipment can be verified by means of a carrier receipt and/or tracking number showing a valid OYO Fitness return address as the destination. 

OYO Fitness is not responsible for packages that are refused at delivery, returned to sender, or sent without a return authorization number. Using any of these methods to return a shipment may delay or prevent the processing of a refund.

How do I return a shipment?
See step-by-step directions below to return a shipment for a refund:


Review the Return Policy (see FAQ “What is OYO Fitness’ Return Policy?”) to determine if the return is eligible for refund.


Contact OYO Fitness Customer Service via our Customer Contact Form to get a return authorization (RA) number.


Prepare the shipment: Download and fill out any required forms from our Warranties page and include form in package. Write the return authorization number on the outside of the package in several locations.


Mail the package and keep proof of the shipment (e.g. carrier receipt or tracking number) and send it to the address on the packing list you received with your shipment or the address provided by the customer service representative when obtaining your RA number.

When will my refund be processed?
Once a return is received at the warehouse, refunds are usually processed by OYO Fitness within 1-2 weeks. The financial institution receiving the refund may take additional time to process and return the funds.